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One of the best ways to create wealth is by investing in the stock market. The stock market can help one become a millionaire; if not instantly.
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How you build wealth in real estate is unique. Real estate's flexibility gives you the potential to get higher returns and compound your money over time.

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It's just in a different way than you're used to seeing in the stock market. I started investing when I was We were able to leave our normal 9-to-5 jobs to pursue real estate full time. While I chose an aggressive path to build wealth through real estate, you can invest at a more moderate pace while still reaping large rewards in the long run. Investing at a young age means you have more time to invest, letting your money compound and grow.

The later you start, the more money you'll have to put into your investments and the higher the rate of return you'll need to receive to get the same results.

Compounding interesting and real estate

Investing later also leaves less room for error. Real estate has risks and not every deal will go as planned. Starting young means you have more time to recover from those mistakes. Regardless of the age you start investing, it's important to be resilient and persistent in real estate. Setbacks happen. Simply put, the less time your money has to grow, the more you have to put into it. Waiting until the "perfect" time to invest in real estate means you're losing time that your money could be growing.

Investing 101

Timing the market is extremely difficult. During a recession and shortly thereafter, real estate prices are typically low and inventory is high. Just remember to calculate the risk before buying.

Make sure the investment can sustain itself through a market downturn or has a high enough return to allow adjustments in the rental rates, holding costs, or vacancy rate. Mogul Login. Homepage Articles. Why invest in real estate? Investing in real estate has a number of advantages.

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Compounding interesting and real estate Demonstrating the power of compound interest and its role in building wealth is easier with a standard investment like stocks than it is with real estate. Sign Up for Our Newsletter. Click to enlarge. The market will never be "perfect" Timing the market is extremely difficult.

The Motley Fool has a disclosure policy. Share to:. As interest starts to accumulate on your initial investment, it is added to your ball of cash. You continue to earn interest, your balance expands in value and picks up speed — and on and on it goes. The sooner you get the snowball rolling, the better. If you own a mutual fund in your k , for example then — congratulations!

The three most common entry points into the stock market are:. Individual stocks. Mutual funds. A mutual fund is a basket that contains a bunch of different investments — often mostly stocks — that all have something in common, be it companies that together make up a market index see the box for more about the joys of index funds , a particular asset class bonds, international stocks or a specific sector companies in the energy industry, technology stocks.

There are even mutual funds that invest solely in companies that adhere to certain ethical or environmental principles aka socially responsible funds.

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  8. And that lower cost is a big-time boost to your overall returns. These funds are made up entirely of the stocks contained in a particular index.

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    So the returns of these index funds mirror that of the market they track. To do that they employ managers to pick and choose the investments in a fund. The cost of that management, along with expenses for trades, administration, marketing materials, etc. Largely because of that, the majority of actively managed mutual funds actually underperform their benchmark index.

    Index funds are essentially run by robots. Those savings are passed along to you. In fact, investors pay nearly nine times more in fees for actively managed mutual funds, which charge an average of 0.

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    Choose an index fund, and more of your money stays in your portfolio to grow over time. ETFs exchange-traded funds. Like index funds, ETFs contain a bundle of investments that can range from stocks to bonds to currencies and cash. So which of these should you use to build your retirement portfolio? Sitting on cash that could be invested?

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