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Queer Identity and Sexual Desire: Reading William Beckford´s "Vathek" as a Essay from the year in the subject English Language and Literature Studies .
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Sedgwick, "Toward the Gothic"

Despite the dark silhouette and air of mystery, it is a very positive representation of human subjectivity, with a vast creative and spiritual future ahead of the figure, despite the fog of everyday existence below him. A symbol of human reason ie laws and morals detached from imagination, emotion and spirituality, the spectre haunts and oppresses the blacksmith whose bellows, tongs and anvil symbolise the horrors of modern technology that chain him to earth - the transcendent, here, is represented though a constrained view of hellish flames and demonic murmurs binding us to prosaic reality.

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Trapped in the materiality and horror of modern life and surrounded by supernatural representations of such horrors, Gothic literature harnesses the power of imagination in a completely different way to Romantic literature; it encourages us to delight in our darkest fears and traumas. The Gothic can thus also take on a political aspect, with the supernatural darkness representing gender, racial or postcolonial oppression - which might account for the large numbers of women and Irish colonised by Britain at this point in history writers in this genre See The Female Gothic and Postcolonial Gothic below.

Housman- The True Lover. Some of the most famous writers of German literature Goethe occupies a status similar equivalent to Shakespeare in the English canon come from the early Romantic period the last half of the C18th and wrote, among other types of texts, Gothic literature. This era is called the "Sturm und Drang". The works were run-away best sellers and were immediately translated into other languages including English and into other art forms such as plays, operas, ballets and paintings, but were widely criticised as unwholesome because they included social and religious taboos such as suicide The Sorrows of Young Wether or pacts with the devil Faust.

Obviously the versions here are translations, but I've tried to find early translations that would be the versions first read in English during the period they were most influential. Key texts with strong Gothic elements include:. If you're interested in classical music, they would be well worth exploring. So far I can only find his works in German - sorry - but some of the songs will have English translations.

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His short story, "The Spider" has been turned into a graphic novel. Fransisco Goya, The Witches Sabbath, Spain has a very dark history and you'll find Gothic elements in art and literature dating right back from the days of the Spanish Inquisition through the Napoleonic Wars to Franco's civil war - perhaps one of the reasons Spain was used as an exotic location and dark Spanish features were used to depict villains or dark heroes in English writing.

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  5. However, very little of this literature has been translated into English, so this list focuses mostly on modern writers and contemporary films. Miguel de Cervantes Don Quixote Contains many Gothic elements meeting with death, eerie buildings, mad quests etc that influenced later writers across Europe. Some transcendentalists even lived in utopian communes, like proto-hippies.

    You can read omse of the work in their magazine, The Dial. Leonor Portrait by IrenHorrors.

    When the European concept of the Gothic reached America it became imbued with the dark history of the deep south, including slavery and racial violence, decaying mansions and mysterious bayou landscapes, and African-American narratives of the supernatural. Horror or Sourthern Gothic with a postcolonial twist? This is an excellent book for sparking conversation with your child on the paradox of personal relevance and irrelevance in a vast and complex world.

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    Contemporary feminist theory views gender as a performance and analyses the strategies women consciously and subconsciously use to support or challenge such performances. Since women in Gothic novels frequently transgress the social imperative which confines them to the domestic role of the "angel of the house', Gothic writing has been both critiqued as a tool of repression and hailed as a liberating space for female agency.

    This gave it a privileged position in the female literary canon that was completely at odds with the earlier perception of Gothic novels as popular trash that had neither literary nor moral value. Ellen Ledoux's essay, "Was there ever a female gothic? If you only read one secondary text, this should be it. Ellen Moers - Literary women This is the first important analysis of women;s literature to discuss the way female authors coopted the gothic gernre to explore female experiences in a patriarchal culture.

    Defiant damsels: Gothic space and female agency in Emmeline, the mysteries of Udolpho and secresy. Women's Writing. This article seeks to destabilize the dominant feminist reading of Gothic space as an allegory of domestic imprisonment and, by extension, to call into question the female Gothic's reputation as a genre primarily concerned with depicting women's victimization.

    Interesting question : From my research so far it seems like only English Gothic Lit had lots of female writers. Is this the Case? If so why? It is, perhaps, not surprising to discover a strong sense of the Gothic underlying many Aboriginal literary texts, because Aboriginal culture is supported by a strong oral storytelling tradition with roots in pre-colonial spirituality - just the sort of tradition that the European romantic writers frequently chose to idealise.

    This is a wonderful subversion of the Gothic tropes used by early colonists to depict Aboriginals as monstrous elements of the alien Australian landscape. It discusses a range of texts by Aboriginal authors which use the Gothic genre to make political statements about the historical and contemporary Aboriginal experiences. Lisa Slater's essay, Monstrous Textual Bodies , explores Scott's suggestion that "there is much beyond our knowing, and yet we still must speak, forever fumbling for the right words.

    Gerry Turcotte's Vampiric Decolonisation: Fanon, 'Terrorism' and Muderooroo's Vampire Trilogy is an excellent article about the use of Gothic devices to explore postcolonial issues.

    Research Papers on Sexuality and Desire in Gothic Novels

    We have ordered a copy of Postcolonial Whiteness , in which this article appears. Suzette Mayer's 'A Place with it's own shying': Countering the Aboriginal uncanny identifies many Gothic elements of the novel and contrasts them to other Australian novels such as Cloudstreet which effectively silence aboriginal perspectives.

    These films are available on DVD - let me know if you'd like the library to buy them. Hyde, We Shall Be Mr. In this chapter, Powell highlights the advantages of incorporating graphic novels into the Gothic literature classroom.