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Will the MeToo movement lead to lasting change? Farrow is optimistic. I do ultimately come out of this in a place of optimism and a belief that we as a society are committed to getting this better, if not right. Amy Pascal looks for one thing in a script: an unforgettable main character. Like Nixon, he succeeded only in moving a lot of copies. Pascal bought the script right before Election Day, and The Post hit theaters just over a year later. It all just really worked. Woody Harrelson is a good-natured goof, a noted marijuana aficionado, and—little-known fact—one of the hardest-working men in show business.

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When you add it up, he has had a remarkable career: making the difficult transition from television to film, daring to play against his congenial Cheers character in Natural Born Killers and The People vs. And that was just Harrelson can do it all—drama, comedy, action—with authenticity and ease. Established players—like Paramount, for instance—were closing their specialty divisions, but Meyer saw an opportunity. Will Packer makes movies few others would make, and he makes them smash hits. Any notion, however, that such a movie would have only narrow demographic appeal went out the window when Girls Trip opened second at the box office.

You could call it luck, except that the producer has been doing this throughout his career: Stomp the Yard. Ride Along. Straight Outta Compton. I am one of the few people of color.

While walking his dog between shots, Sean Baker spotted a willow, uprooted but very much alive. It was the perfect metaphor, he thought, for The Florida Project —his deeply touching film about the transient lives of those on the unseen edges of Disney World. Finding beauty and untold stories on the fringes is what Baker does. His previous film, Tangerine, was a comedy about transgender sex workers in the grittier parts of West Hollywood.

It is poetic and visceral without being sentimental. We all knew Kumail Nanjiani was seriously funny—as Dinesh on Silicon Valley, in a series of memorable cameos on Portlandia, and as, um, a mean-mugged orc in a Lord of the Rings video game.

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YouTube it. But Nanjiani surprised us with The Big Sick last summer. Inspired by his real-life relationship with writer Emily V. So how do you follow up a story as personal as the courtship of your coma-induced future wife? There is no connection to the other DC worlds being exploited for film right now by Warner Bros, where studio boss Toby Emmerich and his newly installed DC production president Walter Hamada are moving forward with new approach to filmmakers on their DC-based fare.

The New Gods was the Genesis of the uber-villain Darkseid. The New Gods came into existence after the world of the gods of classic mythology were destroyed during Ragnarok. War ensues.

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There is a rich universe of extraordinary characters for DuVernay to play with here. This will be a fun one to follow. Subscribe to Deadline Breaking News Alerts and keep your inbox happy. All Rights reserved. Let's get in the bunker together. Eight years ago, in an article for Sports Illustrated , I asked Magic Johnson -- the gold standard for athlete capitalists -- how he helps players avoid financial suicide. He underscored one of his cardinal rules: When players call Johnson for counsel, which happens all the time, he stops them cold if they mention any business plan -- be it for a record label, a car wash, a production company -- featuring a buddy or relative.

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  • Well, they'll fail. It is fair to say that James, Johnson's spiritual descendant on the court, has embraced an opposite vision off it. James was only 5 when he first befriended Carter, whose 9th birthday party he attended because of a mutual family friend. When James was a freshman at St. Mary, Carter was the senior captain on their state championship basketball team.

    So as I relay Johnson's philosophy to James, now 32, the question hangs in the air: Didn't he worry about empowering personal friendship over professional experience? To James, Carter is what makes entrepreneurship worthwhile. James, only 20, yearned to become his own kind of boss. Of course, back in , when James jerseys were non-metaphorically on fire across America, such jokes landed differently.

    At the time, NBA commissioner David Stern called the show "ill-conceived, badly produced and poorly executed. That fall, CNBC reported that it "was one of the most detrimental acts -- not related to any anti-social behavior -- by a sports personality since the Q Scores were first developed more than 45 years ago.

    Carter, who takes ownership of the one-hour show, was embarrassed by the packaging and execution of The Decision. But as America resolved to hate-watch James, LRMR pivoted, seeking an outside opinion on public relations that would have made Magic proud. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Mendelsohn's mission was to forecast the series of consequences that come crashing down, domino-like, whenever an intensely scrutinized celebrity makes a public decision.

    In , it was James who pushed a return to Cleveland -- all but ensuring the inverse of the reaction from four years before. But it was Mendelsohn who managed the announcement. This time LeBron took to print, breaking the news with a heartfelt, Ohio-focused Sports Illustrated cover essay that helped complete an EKG-like trajectory. Everything is earned". And if Riley's Heat -- like Gilbert's Cavs in -- also felt viscerally betrayed? No matter.

    The production was unassailable. By returning to the Cavs, LeBron won over the millions of viewers who hate-watched him in "The Decision. Wachter, a Los Angeles-based financial adviser whom James hired after leaving the Goodwin brothers, always believed their partnership was answer enough. They did the research! Are they intelligent? Of course they're intelligent.

    Lari White, Country Singer and ‘Cast Away’ Actress, Dies at 52 After Cancer Battle (Report)

    They're unusually intellectually curious -- they both are. Many celebrities and athletes just go, 'Wow, we're making money! Let's go buy a Bentley! Carter sought him out through the founders of a private aviation company, Marquis Jet, which was bought by NetJets, which was owned by Warren Buffett, who would later enter Carter's fabled Rolodex too.

    LeBron: The Sequel

    In fact, for all the ink spilled about LRMR, Carter has assembled what Johnson might have instructed James to build from the start: a network of shiny suits and credentialed brains. Wachter advised James, who loves biking, to buy an ownership stake in Cannondale Bicycle Corp. LRMR would cash out a year later, after Cannondale had quadrupled in value. The next year, James and Carter acquired equity in Beats Electronics, which was co-founded by Iovine. No other active pro athlete can claim to be an owner of a team that size.

    PDF Something out of Nothing . . . a Hollywood Mavericks Rule Book

    In , James left the guaranteed millions of McDonald's to hawk Blaze Pizza, a smaller franchise in which he and Carter were original investors. Blaze would be named the fastest-growing restaurant chain in America in And then, before was over, Wachter negotiated James' landmark lifetime deal with Nike. Their relationship has been mutually beneficial. And that's unusual. Still, Carter knows he lacks the pedigree that would inoculate him from a certain type of dismissive profiling.

    He has openly discussed how his father, Otis, has done time for selling drugs. How his mother, Katherine, was a social worker. How his own higher education consisted of scattered course credits from Western Michigan -- where he scored two points a game as a freshman off the bench -- and his hometown University of Akron, which he evacuated to work for Nike's marketing department as a field rep once James entered the league.

    But Carter has also lectured at Harvard Business School several times over the past decade. And though "it's natural for students here to think, 'Oh, Maverick just lucked out, he grew up with LeBron,'" Elberse says, when the class starts asking him probing questions, Carter delivers. They watch him cover five blackboards with sales diagrams depicting various fee structures in white chalk. They listen to him break down Elberse's case study, which focused on why James declined deals with Electronic Arts and 2K Games. The answer: a third bidder, Microsoft, offered greater creative control and up to 20 percent of video game profits, permitting James and Carter the ownership they crave.

    The element of surprise has its advantages. But after more than a decade in business -- where credibility is supposedly measured in power, influence and wealth, all of which Carter has -- underestimation can be frustrating.

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    To be clear: Carter knows there's luck in his journey. He openly praises James for being an executive-level job creator for those who otherwise might never have been offered entry-level. Randy Mims is now the Cavaliers' executive administrator of player programs and team logistics.