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But anyway, I could understand Natalie and liked her from the beginning. As I said, baring in mind Kirsty has read god knows how many chick lits before publishing her own work, must have added more stress and burden to her. Coming up with an original plot after reading so many great books, must have been tough. But Kirsty pulled it off and I applaud to her for that! I was engaged throughout, rooting for Natalie, slightly hating her fiance but we are supposed to hate him, I guess and giggling till the very last page.

Very entertaining and surely would look magnificent on the big screens. Smashing debut, can only imagine how awesome her second novel will be. Jun 28, Sara rated it liked it Shelves: clean-romance , romagic. This book was an easy, entertaining read that I truly enjoyed. However I gave it only three stars because when I first read the summary, truth telling spell, or hypnotism, my expectation went super high, and, as it often happens, great expectations are hard to attain to.

However, I wished the long-due confrontation with some of the other characters had more momentum and force; hence the three stars instead of four.

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Overall the book is witty, smooth-running, and relaxing. Towards the end there are also some unexpected turns of events that make the overall plot less predictable. Jul 18, Lydia Laceby rated it it was amazing Shelves: hilarous , chick-lit , 5-star-must-read. Yes, this is an incredibly bold statement, but Greenwood's debut novel, Yours Truly, is so similar in voice and style to Kinsella that I couldn't wait to shout it from rooftops, so I bumped all my other reviews to post this one.

I loved every word, and you will too. Seriously funny, fast paced, with perfect comedic timing, Yours Truly has brilliant characters to root for and a fabulous s Originally reviewed at Novel Escapes Move over Sophie Kinsella and let Kirsty Greenwood wiggle in beside you.

Seriously funny, fast paced, with perfect comedic timing, Yours Truly has brilliant characters to root for and a fabulous storyline.

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This is chick lit at its best. Pick this one up NOW! She likes to keep the status quo. She tells everyone what they want to hear. Then one evening out with her bestie she's accidentally hypnotized to never tell a lie. Only she has no idea.

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She returns to her cozy, secure and peaceful life with new fiance, Olly, and when he asks her a question, she answers, a brutally honest assessment flying from her lips that's far from complementary. Astonished, horrified, and dismayed at her outburst and offending her finance, Natalie Butterworth discovers she can't stop telling the truth and her perfect life begins to unravel. This novel is absolutely hilarious.

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  4. I laughed so hard I cried, I giggled throughout and I couldn't help but smile at Natalie's adventures and got more than one 'who's the nutter? I'm fairly certain Yours Truly is the funniest book I've ever read. What could be funnier than having a main character that has absolutely no control over the truth spurting from their mouths when asked a question?

    Even the little white lies we all tell each other to protect those we love are blurted out as the truth, never mind the bigger things we may want to keep to ourselves. The possibilities were endless and I frantically flipped pages to see the trouble Natalie's truth telling would get her into and whether she would find the hypnotist in the tiny village of Trolley before it was too late to salvage everything she loved in her life.

    I love novels where the heroine realizes that life isn't quite what she wants it to be and then pushes it forward in the right direction, regardless of the kind of shove she gets. You can't help but root for Natalie. She's really lovely, even with her pushover ways. I loved seeing her growth and realizations. I enjoyed the ending. I teared up.

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    I really enjoyed it! Got that yet? Ok, here's more: I loved the tiny English village, the dreamy bartender, her bestie Meg and even her overbearing sister and mother. The entire cast of characters was well drawn and delightful. Holy Foccachia is my newest, most favourite phrase, especially with the need to eliminate foul language around young parroting nieces and nephews.

    Yours Truly is a fabulous debut from Kirsty Greenwood. This book should be made into a movie. I can't wait to see what else Kirsty Greenwood gives us next! FYI - This novel is heavy on Britishisms, so if you're not familiar, it may detract from your enjoyment. I've read so much British Chick Lit that it didn't deter me, but wanted to throw that out there. You can always read the preview on Amazon.

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    View 1 comment. Jun 24, Jo Harrison rated it it was amazing Shelves: books-i-have-formatted.

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    She's engaged to a great guy who loves her nevermind the fact he's a health and fitness nut and she's addicted to toast , she's helping her mother recover from the shock of divorce even if it meant moving back in with her mother and she has a job at a deli counter at a gourmet food shop so what if she'd rather be cooking the food than serving it? Natalie is ready to settle down and have a family.

    That's what adults do right? She sticks to h year-old Natalie Butterfield has a great life.

    She sticks to her plan even if she has to tell white lies to keep everyone happy. Natalie's bff Meg has a different life plan: find good looking, wealthy bloke to shag and become a pop star.

    Meg is convinced hypnosis will help her to her goals and she drags Natalie along to a pub to see the "Amazing Brian. Early the next morning when Natalie's fiance Olly asks her to evaluate his performance in bed, she finds she can no longer lie about his lackluster performance, angering Olly and threatening everything Natalie thinks she wants.

    Natalie is determined to get unhypnotized and get her life back on track. She grabs Meg and heads for a village in North Yorkshire where she expects to confront Amazing Brian, but he's nowhere to be found!

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    Instead, a pub full of retirees and quirky villagers is enthralled by her tale and eager to help, while the pub owner needs Natalie's help to keep his pub safe from the big corporation who wants it for office space. This is a cute romantic comedy British "chick-lit" novel. The premise is silly and goes on too long. The plot is predictable and yet I couldn't put the book down! I stayed up way too late. The whole story was very charming when it was all set and done but I didn't quite buy the romance. It seemed based more on physical attraction than mutual understanding and admiration.

    The very minor secondary romance worked better but it wasn't really shown. I also could have done without the obvious villain and village secrets. I really like Natalie and can relate to her. While I am comfortable telling family and friends exactly what I think and feel, sometimes with strangers, I act more like Natalie. What makes her really relatable for most women is her size.

    She's comfortable with her addiction to bread and how it gives her a tummy. She's a bit embarrassed but Olly finds her cuddly and adorable, so she's comfortable in her own skin. I also relate to her 90s music obsession but it does date the book a bit, making her an older heroine for contemporary readers. I do not like how often she got drunk and some of the decisions she made while drunk.

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    I do not care much for Meg. While I appreciate their close friendship and how Meg is the one person who never makes Natalie uncomfortable by forcing her to tell the truth. Meg is the one person Natalie has never lied to in the first place. I do not like how Meg has her own agenda in Little Trooley. Meg also has the morals of an ally cat. It's one thing to be in charge of your own sexuality and choose your partners and another to get so drunk to have a one night stand with a guy you don't even fancy. Natalie was wrong not to step in. It's not a choice of the person is drunk.

    As bad as Meg is, she believes Natalie and stands by her friend, unlike Natalie's family and fiance. Olly is angry and hurt by Natalie's revelations, understandably so. However, I believe she should have told him the truth long ago. They're not compatible.